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If you have got this far then you are interested in
RIGDEN Genealogy and you may even find that we are connected genetically. I apologise to those of you who are colour-blind - I have highlighted my direct line in RED together with thereferences to the folders on the Network where you can look at the originals of various certificates. If you can spot an ancestor of your own then I'd like to hear from you and this is probably best done as a comment on the blogsite. For a full idea of how busy my life is you may also like to follow the links to the ‘Piano’ blogsite. Let me also apologise
for not replying to comments promptly. If we are on the high seas we may not have Internet access so please be patient.>
Before you read further my present quest is to find the next generation back. Most research is on ‘simmer’ while we sell the house and prepare for our great adventure. I have managed to get back as far as my 5X Great Grandfather
John RIGDEN and his wife Rebecca as yet I have no confirmation but I suspect they may have married about 1747 and Johns’ birth would have been 20 years prior to this around 1720. There is no trace in Dover St Mary’s nor Saints Peter & Paul Charlton which bordered Dover Town Parishes.Next triedFolkestone butno luck there either with BTs St Martins Cheriton. Need to check St Martins pre 1760 for birth of son John /or this Johns Marriage. However they certainly had 5 children all baptised at St Mary The Virgin Dover.
George 19th July 1747
Ann 21st October 1750
John 29th April 1753

William 30th March 1760.
I found the marriage at St Martins Folkestone : John RIGDENSilvester LOWES July 13th 1778 question could be 1776 or other so unclear this would make him 25 ish when he married.  (Record office ref:Dcb/BT/64/143) John and Sylvester's first child was William who was born on the 15th of April and christened on the 24th of April 1780 at St Mary the Virgin, Dover.
  The next child my 3x Great Grandfather John RIGDEN, was born on the 14th of August, 1875 and christened on the 27th of September at St Mary The Virgin, Dover.  The family must have moved to Sandwich since the story now moves to St Peter the Apostle. John grows up and becomes a cabinetmaker probably following his fathers’ profession. He meets and marries Elizabeth FORREST of St Clements whose father is a butcher (and this has implications later on)
Canterbury Marriage Licences 1781-1809 vol 34 (on CD) says John RIGDEN
of St Peters Sandwich cabinetmaker Bachelor and Elizabeth FORREST of St Clements Sandwich Father Augustine FORREST (butcher), at St Clements 20th (22nd in Parish Register) May 1808

Married to Elizabeth FORREST on 22nd May 1808. St Clements Sandwich. She was a spinster and a minor but had the consent of her father who was a witness, as was George TEMPLE.  She was probably 20 when she married and this would fit with her birth year and entry. The vicar was William BUNCE (who I reckon is around 50 years old by now)
IGI Batch number 9017837 M 1808 cert 256.
Incidentally Elizabeth’s parents Mary Valder married Augustine FORREST on 20th Oct 1785 at St Clements Church, Sandwich where he was also a churchwarden. Augustine FORREST was a butcher. There are Banns (number 134) St Clement’s, which are for Augustine and Mary VALDER in 1785. They were married on August 8th 1785. I suspect his wife, Mary must have died, since he was called a widow and remarried a widow Mary Hickman of St John Thanet at St John Thanet on 18 Oct 1808.??? This is yet to be researched Augustine died in 1840 at St Bartholomew's
Hospital Sandwich; aged 82 years certificate number 793. His death was registered at St Clement’s Church by BROCKMAN.

Elizabeth FORREST was born 20th October 1788 to Augustine & Mary FORREST. Descended from the FORREST's and WARMAN’s whose tombs can be seen close to St Mary's Church.  One of the FORREST's is described on the stone as a riding officer of St Margaret's at Cliffe (an 18th Century customs officer). One of the WARMAN’s was the town Beadle. 
HO 107 1631 Fol 130-143 Sandwich St Peter,  

John and Elizabeth had their first son on August the 17th 1808.Augustine was christened on the 11th of September 1808.  He was named after her father Augustine. I suspect that Augustine died on the 16th of January 1818; I have yet to check this. I found the above entry while at Deal Library, who have the film of the Parish Register. I remember the day well, the 17th of July 2004, there was torrential rain outside and the Librarians were running about like headless chickens because the rain was coming into the library.  John and Elizabeth had their second son my Great Great Grandfather 
John RIGDEN  who was named after his father John on the 16th of January 1811; he was christened at St Clements Church. During 1811-1830 he grew up…..meeting and marrying Eliza Frances LANGLEY about 1835 since their first daughter Eliza was born 1836. No records of her baptism found yet. 1838 their first son John Henry was born and christened on the first of July 1838 by H. PREMBLE, the vicar. 1839  Piggots Directory has him living in Market Street, St Peter, Sandwich, as a Butcher. He would be 28 by now. This is the year that Alfred William is born 28th November. He is not christened until January of the following year.  John is still a butcher at this point, I suggest here that on Augustine's death (1840) the butchery passed to his daughter Elizabeth, which maybe why John her husband became a butcher! The next milestone is the Census of 1841.
  The following was found by Ken and Pauline Holmes, who are distant relatives of my partner Malcolm. “As we had not found Alfred William RIGDEN, or his parents, we looked elsewhere. A street atlas of Kent showed that there was both a Market Street and a St Peter's district in Sandwich, so we looked there and found:

PRO Ref.         Borough    Parish       Place           Name         Age        Trade      Born in Kent?
HO/107/494/16/? Sandwich St Peter    Galliard St.   John Rigden         25         Butcher            Y
HO/107/494/16/? Sandwich  St Peter   Galliard St.   Eliza Rigden        30                                  Y
HO/107/494/16/? Sandwich  St Peter    Galliard St.   John Rigden         3                                  Y
HO/107/494/16/? Sandwich  St Peter    Galliard St.   Alfred William RIGDEN      1                   Y

? indicates illegibility.
Market Street, St Peter's Street, King Street and Galliard Street are all close together in the centre of Sandwich.  As we seemed to have found Alfred we stopped searching at this point. The 1841 census was taken on 6 June 1841 so Alfred would not have had his second birthday when the census included him.”
1841 census places them (John, Eliza, John and Alfred) at Galliard Street. John is still the butcher.
1842 brings Augustine Longley – easily confirmed birth by sending for certificate! Birth April 23rd 1942, Galliard Street, Sandwich (St Peter's). March 2005 found birth in old PR for St Peters while it was being repaired, untidy but true! States he was born 23rd April 1842 son of John and Eliza Frances, John was a butcher.  Living at Galliard Street and the Rector was H (Horace) PEMBLE. Also same year as Sarah Ann who I have found little for yet. The fourth child born to John and Eliza Frances, is named Augustine after his grandfathers' wife's father and Longley after his mother’s father James LONGLEY.
My Great Grandfather John RIGDEN has now given up being a butcher and become a postman.
1851 (HO 107) folio 130-143 Has him living in High Street aged 40 with his wife Eliza (45), his son John (13) Alfred (11), and Augustine (9) a scholar. 
1861 RG9/540. has him living in High Street working as a Postman (51). His wife Eliza Frances now 55 years old.
1871 John appears in the Guildhall records as being buried at Boatman's Hill aged 60.

Alfred William RIGDEN and Family

Alfred William RIGDEN born 28th November 1839 to John and Eliza Frances RIGDEN (nee Langley) While living at Market Street St Peter.  Found in Parish records after much searching certificate number 950 says he was baptised January 12th 1840 by Horace Pemble, this was copied out from the old book which they had been using while the church was being repaired and is much neater and more easily read. Alfred William married Sarah Ann Hancock on the 29th of July 1861. Also mentioned in the 1835 Register and Freeman's Rolls. Found at the Guildhall Sandwich. 1863 Eliza Ann their first child was born -  I haven’t found any Parish register entry for her yet... 1865 Edith Susan was born and the certificate states that Alfred was a painter living in High Street Sandwich.
1867 Walter RIGDEN my great Grandfather was born. And Alfred now states he is a Plumber! Great Aunt Jim (Edith Susan) her birth Certificate says she was born on the second of January 1865 to Alfred William and Sarah Ann RIGDEN (nee Hancock) March 2005 eventually found Parish records for St Peters while it was being repaired, the certificate actually states that this is the case! 28th October certificate number 1534 Horace Gilder Rector ? 1881 census has her aged 16, living at home with Father Alfred William RIGDEN and Mother Ann,(? or was she born to Sarah Anne who has died April 20th 1875 just before the census?)brother Walter and sister Louisa. If her age was correct in 1881 then she was born about 1865 ish. Found in the 1901 Census as living in Kew Surrey V;se ???? I need to transcribe it   Known as 'Aunt Jim' her married name was Mrs Wilf (William) Reynolds.  They lived in Orchard Leigh, Shere, Surrey,( where this picture was taken) which is now a major road so nothing to be seen! After Wilf died she came to live at 50 High Street with Eliza ( Aunt Lie).
1868 Alfred Hancock was born but died as an infant. He was christened by C.E.B. WATSON the curate and was buried in the family grave at St Clement’s Church by A.M. CHICHESTER ( the vicar) on April 25th  1869.
1870 Ellen Longley was born but she too died an infant after 3 months.  She was also buried in the family grave with her brother on May the 15th 1870 by C.E.B. Watson.
      Uncle Chump says Alfred William had a workshop in the Chain.  There still survives one of his manhole covers in High Street.

He also had a workshop between the Barbican and the Bell Hotel, which was a warehouse in 1906 and a yard at what is now Fisherman's Wharf Restaurant, he converted it from a coal yard to a builders yard. Uncle Chump remembers playing on the sand heaps. He also built shops backing from it onto Strand Street. In old days Coal was collected at the Barns (now Barnsend old peoples housing) they were then sent for export down through Fisher Street to the Quay.
1871 Alfred became a member of the Lord Warden, Walmer, Lodge of the Freemasons and soon became a churchwarden at St Clement's Church.  He was also active in the Cinque Ports Volunteers, becoming a sergeant gunner. Crack shot winning a silver cup and a special badge dated 1874 for the performance of his gun team.
   1875 Mary Louise was born and I suspect sometime soon after Sarah Ann his wife died. (26th Aril 1875) aged 43 years and buried by A.C. HILTON.
1876 The Banns were read for Alfred William and Ann Jane KERMODE on February 13th, 20th and 27th, page 89-certificate number 177. They married in March 1876 and probably in the Isle of Man.  She was supposed to have been in service in the area.  I have only one picture of her, it shows her to be a severe old maid but was born in 1852 so was only 26 when they married. In 1880 Alfred became a counsellor as this newspaper clipping shows.

He got the most number of votes and –interestingly was accompanied by C. WATSON -the curate! Alfred William was such a fine figure that he was provided with a uniform and carried a mace before the judge in the 1880 disenfranchisement hearings. He was accompanied by 2 trumpeters who heralded the judge's approach in his coach. On December
19th 1908 Ann Jane died at 73 years of age. Certificate number 510 and the vicar was A.M. CHICHESTER again.

In 1909 he had already met Charlotte COLEGATE and married her that year in Elham     [ PRO :2a/2277].  Charlotte was known as Aunt Lottie. Her brother Dick had a music hall act in London.  Next is a Bill to Mr Hicks of Mill Wall Place for repairing a dripping tap with a washer, cost 1s 3d on January 14th 1911.

Charlotte survived Alfred William who died in 1918. She seems to have taken her share and moved away although she is known to have visited Sandwich at least once afterwards.  Alfred was actually 77 when he died and is buried at St Clement's Church with his first wife Sarah Ann and two infant children who died young, Alfred Hancock, and Ellen Longley. I recently cleared it of weeds and later took my partner Malcolm down to clean the iron work with a wire brush
in preparation to painting it with Hammerite to deter the rust.

In loving memory of Sarah Ann wife of Alfred W. RIGDEN who died Apr 20th 1875 / Lord, remember me when thou comest into Thy Kingdom / Also of Alfred W. Rigden who died Jany 22nd 1918. / Also of Alfred Hancock and Ellen Longley children of the above who died in their infancy .( On tablet now in garden of Remembrance) In / loving memory of / Stella A.L.TWYMAN / nee Rigden / 1903-1995.

Here is more background on :

John Henry Rigden & Family

John Henry was the brother of Alfred William. I found a John Henry son of John and Eliza Frances RIGDEN of Market Street, born 5th of June 1838. His father, John, was a butcher, which confirms all!  After marrying Jane who was born in Ash they moved to Woolwich, which is where their first two children Ada and Anna were born. By 1871 they had moved again to 2, Keppel Street , Stoke Damerel, Devon, since this is where their third daughter Valentina was born according to the 1881 census.
In the 1881 Census [RG11 2214/66 p46] John RIGDON (42) a shipwright is dwelling at 2, Keppel Street, Stoke Damerel, Devon,  (change in Spelling or Census typo?) living with his wife Jane (43) Ada (17) their daughter
who is a school teacher, she was born in Woolwich, Anna (15) also born Woolwich is a dressmaker and Valentina (10) who was born in Devonport, Devon, is a scholar.

The 1891 census [RG12/1747 Folio 73 p 9 schedule 82] has John and his family living at 2, Keppel Street, Stoke Damerel, Devon, only able to find him when I put a sounds like tab on RIGDEN and sure enough the name REGDEN came up.  I suppose this is understandable since the West Country have a different dialect to us Kentish folk! Anyway John is now 52, and a Shipwright employee so he is probably working at the docks in Plymouth? (Yet to confirm.) His wife is an unemployed schoolmistress and so too is Anne who is now 25 years old. The youngest daughter Valentina however, is employed... as a Schoolmistress! By the 1901 Census RG13/2114 p 32 John RIGDEN (62) is now a retired shipwright living with wife June 62 years old and their youngest daughter Valentina, (28) who is working
at home. The RIGDEN line dies out here. And background on the other brother:

Augustine Longley Rigden & Family 
Augustine Longley RIGDEN was the fourth and last child of John and Eliza Frances RIGDEN, born on April 23rd 1842, he was named Augustine after his grandfathers' wife's father and LONGLEY after his mothers, father James LONGLEY.
In March 2005 I found his birth in an old Parish Register for St Peters while it was being repaired, untidy but true!
This was confirmed by sending for certificate from the GRO, The birth certificate states that he was born 23rd April 1842 son of John and Eliza Frances, John was a butcher living at Galliard Street and the Rector was H (Horace)
Pemble. Not too much is known about his early life but with three elder siblings he was probably kept busy.  He followed his father into the family business and became a carpenter / joiner.  He must have met Georgina KYLE (I’m guessing here) at church, or maybe a pub. The Banns were read on January the 12, 19 and 26th, 1868 to be married to Georgina KYLE of this Parish Banns no 107. Banns read in St Mary's Church 1868 by A.M.CHICHESTER who was around in St Mary's in 1872! Their first son Ernest A (Augustine?) was born in December 1868, next came John S (Sydney) called Jack, born 1871. Although I knew he existed I could find no evidence from Parish Registers or any other source until 2006 when another researcher happened to find his marriage using I was then able to send for the marriage certificate and prove that he was the same person and then follow up the search with a birth certificate.  Found! At Deal March 2006 but no camera so will have to wait for picture.

Born June 29th 1870, baptised August 28th 1870 certificate number 1590 John Sydney son of Augustine Longley. Anyway Uncle Bardy knew of him and showed me his (Jacks) photograph album that is how I have a picture of him.
He must have played at William BOYERs’ workshop in the Chain and probably learnt all there was to know about photography from him. Most pictures taken around Sandwich have him in them, since the old cameras took so long to expose the image there was sufficient time for him to whip round and be in the shot! Next born is Georgina 1872.

Then Frederick Edward 1875, and Sarah Louisa 16th Nov 1876, Gertrude May 30th September 1878.
In the 1881 census living with their 6 children in the Chain St Clements, Sandwich .He is a carpenter who helps his brother Alfred William with work. Also with them, their son Ernest A RIGDEN (12), John S,(10) scholar, Georgina (8) scholar, Frederick (6) scholar, Sarah L. (4) scholar and Gertrude Mary (2).
1891 census RG12/734 p21 has new edition of Henrietta Selina, born 1884, certificate 332, they are still at the Chain and A.M. CHICHESTER is still the vicar but Ernest, John S. & Georgina have left home. I have, however, found a birth which would fit for Georgina if she married and stayed in Sandwich, but it has the surname RIGDEN so I wonder what happened? 
     Now back to my RIGDEN line
In 1867 my Great Grandfather Walter RIGDEN was born and I have the GRO entry for Walter. The Parish Register entry was illusive – it turned out that while restoration had been going on in St Peters they had used another! So I now have certificate number 1575, which shows him to have been christened on the 29th of September 1867 by Henry MAUGHAM the curate. Walter also joins the family trade and begins work helping his father as a plumber For the 1881 census his father must have answered the enumerator since when asked occupation Alfred William must have said “Master Plumber 1 man and 1 boy”.
     By 1891 Walter is 23 years old and a ‘House Decorator’. The family have developed
into an all round business. Walter met Mary BAKER sometime prior to 1894, since this was when the banns were read for their marriage. (On May 5th, 12th and 19th by George  S ?nners and A. M. CHICHESTER. ) A certificate was sent to Worth so the banns must have been read in Mary’s church too.  
The Teddy Bear  is still around. Aunty Marys’ family have it.
They were married on 3rd, June 1895, in Worth Parish Church. It was witnessed by Mary’s father Ebenezer BAKER and either her brother or her uncle since they were both alive and called George! Walter was a painter aged 29 at the time, Mary did not work. It is difficult to surmise whether Alfred William was present or not since he has not been written as deceased in the fathers place on the certificate so he may have been there.  The quandary lies in his profession; he has called himself a plumber all these years and now calls himself a ‘Painter’! Mary’s father Ebeneeza BAKER was a Market Gardener in Worth and the family farm is still there. They lived in ‘Prospect House’ and possibly brought produce into the Town on Market Day  -then on a Wednesday.
 I emailed this photo to Uncle Chump and Bardy to chew over and here is their reply

“A little late with this but not much to offer anyway. That is Charlotte (Aunt Lotte) sitting but that is the only thing that is certain. Walter RIGDEN there looks-say 50 which puts it roughly about the time of AWR`s demise then such guesswork makes Lotte in her 40`s but then they looked old when young in those days if you get what I mean.”

The next page has a postcard from Walters’ wife Mary to her sister Louisa who appears to be coming to stay with them.

Their first daughter Dorothy Mary was born 17th March 1896, she was my Aunt Pat. She was christened at St Clement's Church on the 23rd May 1896, Whitsun eve by A.M. CHICHESTER. Certificate number 602.
She worked at Minster as a Master Tailor / seamstress. She walked to work every day (7-10 miles). She was married briefly as Mrs LONG.She lived in Church Street St Clements, while working for Lady Broshane as a tailor. Sometime around 1910 she placed a new weather vane on St Peters Church as recorded by the local Newspaper.
She also lived in Upper Deal during her retirement and still did real patchwork using scraps of fabric and using an embroidery stitch to join them.
This is Aunt Pat having a jar over at the Blazing Donkey, Nr Eastry. It was taken sometime around 1978. Next came my paternal grandmother Kathleen Edith RIGDEN, born on the 25th September 1898, and finally my Aunt Stella Amelia Louise born 2nd August, 1903. She was probably named after Amelia BAKER, Mary’s mother. All three ‘gels’ were born at 45, High Street This is Nan @ Sandwich (‘Kath’) with her two sisters; they must have been about 16 years old?
Walter inherited the family business when his father died but Uncle Chump and Uncle Bardy reckon that it went downhill fast (what reasons ??) Grave inscription says born 1869, Died 1955.
This is Nan @ Sandwich with me on her knee when I was 2 or 3 years old. (Much more to write of Nan’s life.) Kathleen married Edwin Gordon CUMMINGS. This was after the war when he was probably working down at port Richborough. Married Kath on 19th March 1924, Solemnized in the Parish of St Clement in the County Of Kent.  He was a bachelor aged 25, and had been living at 13, New Street, Sandwich.  She was a spinster aged 25 years, and had been living at Strand Street Sandwich.  The witnesses were Walter RIGDEN and A. POWELL.
They then had three children June, Edwin and Malcolm John CUMMINGS. This is my father. 
Edwin Gordon worked for the East Kent Bus Company. Soon after the last child was born he left home. All traces of him were expunged and I only have 2 pictures of him and a few certificates.

He returned to Sandwich soon after Mum and dad were married and I was a little girl although I don't remember, he came to the Garden gate when we lived at "Estonore" Stonar, Ramsgate Road Sandwich, Kent. He wanted to see his Grandchildren. When he died, dad (Malcolm James) went to Ashford to make arrangements for the burial. He came back with very little as memories, a few Driving licenses and a book by M.E.Cumming - Bruce called The Bruce's and the Cummings this is what originally set me on the Family History trail. For the CUMMINGS Blog ready to read

Sue Cummings
April 2009

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The CUMMINGS FH Research to date.
     Apologies for the pathetic layout which is taking an inordiate length of time to get right after the transfer from Windows live spaces to Wordpress which was just as bad. So now it's here on good old blogspot. While aboard 'Piano' -see sister blog for adventures-I spend quite a bit of time digitally enhancing images of Parish Records, newspapers and censuses.  Not all are finished -yet, more apologies. As usual I begin at the farthest back and continue to the present. Great excitement in October 2008 I resorted to transcribing the Prs for St James Deeping, Lincolnshire so that I could search at leisure for Comings ancestors. Well it all paid off I have found the marriage of James (my 6 times Great Grandfather) to Elizabeth Wait by Banns on the 1st of January 1753/4

their first child was a daughter whom they Christened Letitia she was baptised on the 9th of June 1754.
Then follows the birth of James (my 5 times great grandfather) on the 6th February 1756/7

And 2 years later the birth of second son John 27th March 1758.  Unfortunately he died young 31 months and 25 days later. This was also found in Deeping St James The third child was called Mary and was christened on the 10th of August 1760.  She also died young on the 21st of November 1760.  The last child found in this parish is another John who was christened on 27 March.  1763 We are now into the era of Year change.  The old “ Julian“ Calendar which ran from March 25th  around to March 26th was changed in 1752 to the Gregorian Calendar with a loss of eleven days together with the labourers' pay for those days.  It also put the tax system at odds with a salaried year , and even bigger problems with the clergy- not least the incomprehension of problems faced by present day historians! To relate it to our system entries between December 31st and March 26th are shown with both old and new years!
[I have also found a birth of John Cumming January 1746 and his death 9 months later 5th October 1747 his parents were John and Susannah. Father John was a mason married *ear Cainbridge aged 32/52 when he died. This may give clues to the parents of James at a later date!]
James married Ann Farmery by Banns on the 2nd, June 1772 at Sleaford both of this Parish, he signed she left a mark with consent of her mother. Ann a minor. 

Pam Baille, a very kind soul who has helped me greatly by doing look-ups at Lincoln Record Office, found this in Sleaford Parish Register.  It is highly likely that Ann was only 17 when she married since she had her mothers consent,  also fits with burial Register in Sleaford she being buried 13th June 1827 age '75'. as Ann CUMMIN James and Ann then settled down to have a family as follows…
   First Rebecca 27th November, 1772, (so Rebecca was conceived four months before the wedding!)  Next Sarah 16th August 1777.  Third Elizabeth 14th, February 1779.
Fourth Robert 28th, October 1781. Although this entry says Robert son of James and Mary Commins so needs further checking.  Fifth . Richard Cummings, (my 4 times Great Grandfather) Baptised 19th July 1784 at Sleaford son of James and Ann (Source Parish Register Sleaford). 
We follow Richard through since he is my direct ancestor he married Sarah.  It is not conclusive as we have a wedding 3 years after his birth so something is wrong!
He is the direct line to me. The name is spelt “Commens”.  Sixth came Michael born 6th February 1786. Name spelt Commins.
Seventh-Elizabeth,23,February 1789, I expect the first named Elizabeth died young but I have found no certificate yet.  Eighth and last of all found so far came John born 14th October 1795. The surname has now become Commings! So we are getting closer...   James a labourer, living somewhere near Grantham died aged 58 on 24th November 1842.  This gives a birth of about 1784. Ann died on 13th July 1827 Sleaford, Lincolnshire.

Incidentally,  I found a marriage for William and Sarah Mason at Grantham St Wulfram's on 25th December 1845. She is a widow and her maiden name was Wise. It looks as though her father John Wise, was present at the wedding. So that begs the question were the children in the 1841 census from her previous marriage ?
In the transcription William spells his name CUMMINS.  See below 1841 for this couple.
William was baptised on the 4th of July 1813 in the parish of Grantham. The vicar was
the Reverend W.P. Thackray.

Second Richard was baptised on the 29th of May 1815 Third came Elizabeth baptised on the 11th of May.
Fourth came Thomas (my Great, Great, Great Grandfather, baptised on the 27th of February 1820

Fifth, Sarah, baptised on the 30th of January 1822 by a new Vicar; Reverend Gilbert.
Sixth, James, baptised on the 17th of May 1824.
Seventh came Mary Ann, baptised on the 10th of November 1826.
And finally came Martha their eighth child who was baptised on the 13th of April
1830 by another vicar the Reverend H.W.Crick Not only do we have neatly written Parish records but we also have the Government Censuses I list as the sources which I used to research the family.

1841 Census [HO107/625/5 Grantham Union Workhouse] Richard,(40) Mary Ann (12) & Eliza,(10) in the Union Workhouse at Grantham.

1841 census [HO107/625/5] for Grantham, Spittlegate shows Thomas
(20) and his younger brother James, (17) who are both Agricultural Labourers.

1841 has William (27), with his wife Sarah (27), and their children
Richard (8), William (4), and Sarah (3). They are living at Back Street
Grantham. Williams’ brother Richard (25) is also married -just—to Mary (20) and they have a baby daughter Clara (1). They are living in a caravan! At Woolsthorpe

My highlighting here will assist later in the knotty problem 'WE' are now unraveling!

Thomas Cummins

Thomas was born on the 27th February 1820 son of Richard and Sarah,
Christened at St Wolframs Church, Grantham. His early childhood is spent living with his parents and siblings. By the first census (’41) he is 17 living and working with his brother Richard.    
1851 [HO 107/2103] 

Thomas living with his sister Elizabeth and her family at Wood Hill Grantham.   He says he is 22- but is mistaken he was really 32 and this has caused me alot of bother!  He chops and changes his age like the weather!  Fortunately he reverts to a more reasonable estimate in the 1861 Census when he says he is 40.

It was a bonus to find Elizabeth's marriage and family. She has married Robert REAR and is living at Wood Hill Grantham. They have two daughter’s Mary Ann (12), and Sarah (4).  It would be nice to find that Roberts mother was also called Mary but my time is short and it is not high on my list of priorities.
Thomas met Sarah Maria during 1842. Their first child was Elizabeth Tyler Farrington born 26th January 1842, in Grantham before the marriage.
Sarah Farrington was born in Market Deeping about 1801.  How she and Thomas met are a mystery, her father Richard was a coachman so may have known the local horse breaker.  Whatever -  they were married in Church on the 30th August 1842.
“Thomas CUMMINGS bachelor Horse breaker of Grantham (father Richard-Labourer) and Sarah Maria FARRINGTON spinster of Grantham (father Richard Coachman). Both of age, she signed, he made his mark-witnesses Mary LEE, & George WOOD” (both signed).  I Also have the GRO certificate for this marriage.
Sarah Emma was born on 16th March 1844, in Grantham.
They must have then moved to Manchester since their next three children were born there, they lived at 16, Tib Lane, Manchester. 

[While, looking through the 1871 Census I found Mary daughter of Thomas aged 29       ( so born 1842) the housekeeper, could this be the same person ????? Or a twin of Elizabeth, or as Lynn thinks it is Elizabeth just calling herself Mary !  Anyway she appears to be married to Thomas Greenwood (22)  Thomas Hollingworth (9) and his brother Daniel (6) are Grandsons –of which Thomas ? I haven’t quite tied them in yet]
Third was Thomas Edwin (my Great Grandfather) born 9 Oct 1846 Manchester.   No Pr here but GRO certificate as evidence.
 Fourth child was Alfred Richard born 12th May 1849.  I have him on a later Census married.  Lastly was Sarah Maria born 31st, December 1856 but she died three months later on 25th, February 1857.
 In 1861 [RG9/2941] taken midnight 7/8th April

has Thomas (40) an Ostler, living in Manchester.  It looks like Great Newark Street, St James.  His wife Sarah Maria (40) daughter Elizabeth (19) is a nursemaid, Thomas Edwin (14) is a ?? Letterpress with his younger brother Alfred Richard (11) 
The 1871 census [RG10/4015] 

This was taken midnight Sunday/Monday 2/3rd June and Thomas did not have Sarah Maria with him. March 2005 I found Sarahs’ death in Reading Record Office March 1871 8a 89 Macclesfield. Sarah would have been 70 So she died just before the Census was taken. He is still living at Broughton Salford , but has moved to 12, Chapel Street.  Here the other members of the house are Thomas Greenwood (22) his son-in-law who is also a groom! Mary is down as his daughter – so I conclude that she has married Thomas Greenwood and is the housekeeper, she is 29.  Charles Sonnen? A gardener is a border with them (21), as are Thomas (9) and Daniel (6), Hollingworth - both scholars who are grandsons of Thomas.  They are the children of Sarah Emma who married John Hollingworth.  I have found their marriage entry in Manchester March 1861 8d 403. (and I have still to find out what happened to this couple) 
1881 Census [RG11/4027] 

Shows Thomas in Crumpsall Workhouse aged 59 years. He is still sane since he knows the answers to the enumerator, telling him he was born in Grantham and used to be a groom.

Alfred Richard Cummings
He deserves a mention. He was born 12th May 1849 -just before the 1851 Census in Grantham, Lincolnshire, England.

1871 Census [RG10/4015] shows Alfred R (21) and wife Mary Nee Littler (20) living at Broughton,
Salford. Alfred must have married soon before the Census since between 1771 and the 1881.

1881 [RG11/3955] Alfred Richard a Carter, aged (31) is living at 1, Walker street,
Broughton, Manchester with Mary Ellen their eldest is their daughter Emily (9),
next is Tom (6), Joe (5), Elizabeth (2), and last Maria (1), Nephews Daniel and Thomas Hollingworth have now moved from living with old Thomas to this house, remember Thomas is in the Workhouse at the moment.  1886 Alfred and Mary have another son James Fardinand born 30th November, they are still resident in Chapel Street Broughton.  
 I found his birth certificate while sorting out my research notes where it has been since 1981 when I first began the research. It was found in the Family book The Cumyns & The Bruces.  Grandfather must have ordered it while doing his own research in some hope that it would lead back to Scotland and the family fortune! or as you will read later another branch of money! Anyway it is so rewarding to find an obscure piece of the tree, which confirms the research.  It is similar to getting a piece of jigsaw done.
 Of course this begs the question of what went on in the years between 1871 and 1881. I must wonder...Maybe Mary and Thomas Greenwood fell on hard times and could no longer have Thomas living with them, I’ll have to look for Greenwood on the 1881. Meanwhile - Lynn has reviewed the 1871 census entry and what she has in her file. She came to the conclusion that 'Mary' Greenwood in the census is in fact Elizabeth nee Farrington because of her age and relationship to Thomas. 
Lynn deduced that Elizabeth married Thomas Greenwood December 1869 so in the less than 2 years between the marriage and the 1871 census she would have needed to die AND for  Thomas to remarry. Not impossible. The new wife wouldn't have been a daughter of Thomas C unless he had another daughter born in the same year. Nil to suggest twins, and anyway that would be illegal thinks Lynn. Perhaps the name Mary is a mistake or maybe she liked to be known as Mary. Her mother Sarah Maria appears on a couple of documents as Sarah Mary.  We all know how the family like to be known as anything but there own name!
 Anyway to get back to James Fardinand I found his birth certificate while sorting out my research notes where is has been since 1981 when I first began the research. It was found in the Family book The Cumyns & The Bruces. Grandfather must have ordered it while doing his own research in some hope that it would lead back to Scotland and the family fortune! Anyway it is so rewarding to find an obscure piece of the tree, which confirms the research.  It is similar to getting a piece of jigsaw done.

Thomas Edwin   (my Great Grandfather) was born 9th October 1846 in the registration District of Manchester;sub-district Market Street, County of Manchester Thomas Edwin ‘married’ Loretta Josephine formerly Snelham (or Snaylam)
but no certificate found yet (2007). Have tried most spellings of Loretto/Lauretta and Snaylam/Snelham. Evidence so far is from the unreliable Ancestral File AFN : 3SSL-OP Born 18 Mar 1875 in West Derby Liverpool and more reliable GRO birth 1875 8b 240. died 31st July 1961 Ashford Kent. Have also tried FreeBMD for both parties.  They too lived in Manchester and had a fine family. I need the 1891 Census for Thomas Edwin !! to see if he will be married yet . First born was Annie Loretto on the 3rd of March 1894, Prestwich, Manchester, Lancashire.
Now have GRO birth for firstborn Annie Loretto which shows Thomas EdwARD as father living at 8 Rainsough Brow Rainsough Prestwich. He is a fireman at Works. Second came her sister Edith born 21st March 1896, Pendleton, Salford, Lancashire.  She married Louis Rosen 12th February 1916 and died in 1931 Third came my grandfather Edwin Gordon (my Grandfather) born 15th, April 1898. More of him later. Fourth came Leah Winifred born 21st of Jun 1900. Fifth there was Amy born 7th February, 1902 again Pendleton Salford Lancashire. Sixth was Elizabeth Ellen born 20th May 1904 at 34, North James Henry Street, Salford.  She lived most of life in Hingham, Massachusetts. USA. She was a Naturalized US citizen, and formerly a Canadian Citizen.   She remarried (without divorce) to John Webster Fergusson.  
1986 Elizabeth Ellen has sworn an affidavit confirming her ancestry and that of James Winstanley Cummings and sees that she is entitled to a share of his estate. It seems nothing was gained by Elizabeth Ellen paperwork is in her multimedia file as at 2013. Incidentally she was then living at 31, Highland Avenue Cohasset, Massachusetts, U.S.A. and was married to Charles Casey.   Further she believes that she is related to James Winstanley Cummings son of William and Jessica Selina Cummings (Nee Brown), but has not found his birth certificate!  She died of a stroke  29th, November 1981.
Now in 2013 we agree that Thomas Edwin had no brother William which fits with Elizabeth Ellen's findings.  We  also know that their Grand-father Thomas DID have a brother called William!
Seventh was my uncle Stanley Joffre born 24th September 1915.
Uncle Chump says he remembers Stanley living at 45, High Street Sandwich, when he was ill with Consumption -now known as Tuberculosis.  Good that an octogenarian has memories from when he was 6 years old. He also had the clipping from the local paper probably The Gazette.

“On July 15th ,at Deal Memorial Hospital, Stanley Joffre, of 45, High Street Sandwich age 17 years. 
Eighth came Frances who was born on the 15th, April, 1919 Manchester Lancashire. Just after the 1st World War.  She married John Savage 14th February 1942 and  had 4 children 
1*Christine Margaret Josephine
2* Elizabeth Mary
3*Glynis Wendy Theresa
4*Jonathan Francis
She was only 62 when she died.

  2013 UPDATE see latest below!

Aunty June wrote “As for Aunt Olive - she was always an enigma to me. I remember when I was quite young; she came back from Canada and brought me some slippers, which were too small." She was mad on swimming and used to walk down the bay very early in the morning and used to take Peter with her (Mary's brother who was a good swimmer) The Twymans lived opposite Also Frances, Dad's younger sister came to stay once. A very devout Catholic and she knelt to say her prayers every night
by the bed (she slept with me in the back room.) That's all I remember about the Cummings family - in those days people didn't travel any further than Canterbury.

I have a snap of Aunt Olive and have tried researching her, more follows the October Meeting.
1901 census [RG13/3713 p6] showing Thomas Edwin & Loretta with children Annie Lorreto (7) Edith (5), Edwin Gordon (2), and Leah Winifred (9 months).

       Wow! Can I believe it ? In January 2013 I had an email from a second cousin! Angela who had stumbled across this blog and told me of many more living relations.  I have since been working with Lynn, and Wendy and can now put some more detail into the blog!
Firstly, Angela and Lynn are Elizabeth Ellen ( nee Cummings) grand-daughters.  Far better was that they actually knew Aunt Olive and Aunt Frances!!!  Well, the next email was from Wendy, whose grand-mother was Child number 11 Frances! I am hoping to meet them all when I return to the UK in October. 

The October meeting.
  After a miserable drive through motorway spray and driving rain,my new iPad app finally delivered me to Lynns House.  After introductions Lynn took us all for lunch where we began in earnest.  I met Wendy her husband Peter and amazing dog 'Ted'. Unfortunately they had another appointment so left soon after lunch. 

Lynn, Wendy,Sue & Angela

 Angela Lynn and I continued through the afternoon, into the evening and again the next morning.  My cold had almost cleared but had taken my voice with it!  I left with much to research and update.  Here is the jist.
At some point in time a firm of solicitors (called GEDDES) made enquiries into our Cummings line to verify if we were connected to an heir whose estate they were managing.   A letter was written by Tom to Edwin Gordon sometime after 1950, which , while of interest doesn't help with untangling the knot.  Elizabeth Ellen, swore an affidavit to the effect that she thought she was related to a William CUMMINGS, brother of her father Thomas Edwin and that James Winstanley CUMMINGS (the one the solicitors were interested in ) was his son.  Neither Elizabeth Ellen, Edwin Gordon, or anyone who knows the story has been able to find a birth certificate for him.  This includes all those at the family gathering.  We would all love to find out this characters credentials but have hit another brick wall!  In other words the jury is still out.

   Now then as far as Aunt Olive is concerned Olive born 23 Jun 1912. She married William Charles Jones in 1937, not sure where but in England. She didn't like his boring name of Jones so they changed it to Randolph before they married. Her 2 children, David and Stephanie were born in England before they all moved to Canada. At some stage they changed their name from Jones to Randolph, so Stephanie is Stephanie Randolph, but she was married in Canada and has a daughter.

Edwin Gordon CUMMINGS

Born 15th April 1898 in the registration district of Salford, Manchester. The family were living at 43, Russell Street Pendleton, Salford.
Edwin Gordon joined the Army when he was 14 (yes he lied) and fought in the 1914 - 1918 War and survived. For this he has a war record at Kew Archives. The Medal card of Cummings, Edwin G Corps: Lancashire Fusiliers Regiment No: 1958 282691
Rank: Private. 1914-1920 [WO 372/5] He received 3 medals; 
Victory Roll H/1/101B32 Page 6740
British            “”   “”
15 Star H/1/53B3 page 211.
He probably met Nan (Kathleen Rigden) while he was at Port Richborough at the secret army depot. He married ‘Kath’ on the 19th March, 1924, it was Solemnized in the
Parish of St Clement in the County of Kent. Edwin Gordon, was a bachelor aged 25, and had been living at 13, New Street, Sandwich.  Kathleen Edith was a spinster aged 25 years, and had been living at Strand Street Sandwich.  The witnesses were Walter Rigden and A. Powell.

Sunday, 14 August 2011


The WATSON Family History research to date

Michael WATSON of Ushaw Moor (1694-1773) (My 5x Great Grandfather) Married Elizabeth of Ushaw Moor and has three children:- William (26 December 1762) John (3rd June 1765 and Michael Watson of Hamstels (24 April 1736)
-  he was a labourer -My 4x Great Grandfather.  He married Elizabeth Logan  on the 19,  JAN 1762
Children:- Michael  (24 April 1768 died 6th June 1773) Sarah (17 July 1774 – 26 March 1781 died Hamsteels)  George
( 25 August 1776 – 3rd August 1777 died Hamsteels) Elizabeth  (15 July 1778)
Michael  (17 July 1774) – (My 3x Great Grandfather) I am unable to verify his death yet as it is not available on line
MARRIAGE: " Michael Watson & Mary Wilkinson both of this parish were married in this church by banns this 20th day of August 1796 by me John Ashbridge, Curate. In the presence of us Jane Archer, Thomas Pallister (signed by both)
Auckland St Andrews
    "This parish, which comprises the townships of St. Andrew's Auckland, Bishop Auckland, Pollards's Land, Coundon Grange, part of Binchester, and part of Newton Cap, is bounded on the north by Byer's Green, on the north-west by
Hunwick, on the west by Escomb, on the south-west by St. Helen's Auckland, on the south by Heighington, on the south-east and east by Shildon, and on the north-east by Coundon and Whitworth. The township of Middlestone, not
incorporated in any of the newly formed chapelry districts, but which formerly constituted the north-east extremity of the parish of St. Andrew's Auckland, was in April 1845 annexed to the parish of Merrington. This district abounds in coal and lime; the soil is generally well suited to the production of corn, turnips, &c.; and the scenery is finely diversified by hill and dale, woodand water.
    "St. Andrew's Auckland Township, in the parish of the same name, comprises 1186 acres, and its annual value is £12,74  "The village of Auckland St. Andrew, or South Church, as it is now usually called, is situated on the river Gaunless, which is at this place crossed by a stone bridge of one arch, and is one mile south from Bishop Auckland, and eleven south-south-west from Durham. It contains a brewery, and manure factory, formerly occupied as a foundry, but situated in the township of Bishop Auckland. The Gaunless sometimes overflows its banks at this village and causes
considerable damage."
Michael and Mary had the following children:-
Elisabeth 25 January 1797
John 28 September 1798
Jane and Michael (twins) 21 September 1808 Jane died three months later 1st December 1808.
On the 17th June 1832 Michael married Cicely Margaret Kipling probably at St Cuthbert’s Church, Forcett , Yorkshire.
The Ancient Parish of FORCETT
 "FORCETT, a parish in the wapentake of Gilling West. and liberty of Richmondshire; 8 miles N. of Richmond. The church is dedicated to St. Cuthbert (see Churches for photograph); the living is a perpetual curacy in the patronage of  the vicar of Gilling. Here are the remains of a Roman entrenchment, extending East and West
of the village to Gatarby moor. Pop. 86." "BARFORTH, in the parish of Forcett, wapentake of
Gilling West, and liberty of Richmondshire; 2¾ miles NNW. of Forcett, 12 miles N. of Richmond, a small township situated on the banks of the Tees. This township, which is the property of the Earl of Harewood, comprises Old
Richmond, but nothing now remains except the ruins of an old chapel, and a few irregularities in the neighbouring fields, which, together with the stones and other relics that are occasionally dug up, prove it to have been a place of
considerable extent. Pop. 141.
 [Description(s) edited from Langdale's Yorkshire Dictionary (1822) and Baines's Directory of the County of York (1823) and other sources.]
Michael WATSON (My 2x Great Grandfather)
First son William born <1834> no trace found yet, and Joseph (<1838>) except for census in 1841. Mary (1835),
Thomas Wilkinson (1839), James (1841), Cecily Margaret (1843), Michael (1844), Anne Elizabeth (1845), Marmaduke (1846), Henry (1847), Jane Hannah (1849), Osythe Martha (1850), Procter George (1851) lastly:
Robert Cummings WATSON (1852).

Occupation: Pigots Directory has him as Master of Gosforth School in 1834.According to a Ward's Durham & Northumberland Directory of 1850, Michael WATSON was secretary of the Schoolmasters Association in Newcastle. He may be the same Michael WATSON who was master of Gosforth Parish School, according to the same Directory. Also listed at the same school was a Miss Eliza LOWES WATSON - perhaps she may have been a sister to Michael?? It will be worth viewing the prs 1841:Michael was an enumerator for the Census. I have the printout showing his certification on the 9th day of June 1841,it has been co signed by the registrar and the Superintendent Registrar. (Michael has the best handwriting.) Page 1 for the South Gosforth schedule has him top of the list together with Cecily Margaret his wife of 8 years ,their son William (7) daughter Mary (6) John (5), Joseph (3) and Thomas Wilkinson (2).  They are living at Gosforth School House, and Michael is a schoolmaster. During my research I had help from Michael Hoy:-
  “Hi my names Michael Hoy from Gosforth and at present researching Gosforths’ history, and came across the 1842 Childrens’ Employment Commission, and in it dated may 10th 1842 is a report from Michael Watson Schoolmaster at Gosforth. The schools in the area at this time were far and few between, so this is more than likely to be the man you are looking for?” (Thank-You so much Michael!)
The same Richard Welford was the Chairman of South Gosforth Local Board which was formed on 20th September 1872, the book sites Michael Watsons’ son as clerk to this same Board!
1851: Census of Gosforth has him living at school House South Gosforth, with Cecily his wife, William their son (17), Mary (16) John Kipling (15), Joseph (13) Thomas Wilkinson (11), James (9) Anne Elizabeth Marmaduke (4) Henry (3) Jane Hannah (2) Osythe Martha (1) and Procter George (3 months).

He has also signed as an enumerator for the 1851 census on the 4th of April.

1861:RG9: RG9/3834: Michael Watson, Head Superintendent of Cemetery Cecily Margaret (49), wife born Yorkshire Hutton.Joseph (23), son, Ann E (15), Marmaduke (14), Apprentice joiner, Henry (13), Apprentice Engineer, Jane H (12), scholar, O'sythe Martha (11), Scholar, Robert C (8), scholar, Frances B, (7), scholar.

DEATH: Cutting from the Newcastle Daily Journal, Tuesday 3rd August,
"Aged 61, Mr. Michael Watson Superintendent. Interment on Thursday at 3 o'clock. Friends please accept this invitation."
The Memorial Inscription reads
The Burial Place of Michael and Cecily Margaret Watson.
Cecily Margaret their daughter died June 27th 1858, aged 15 years.
Proctor George, their son died September 13th 1851, aged 9 months.
The first named Cecily Margaret Watson died June 15th 1862, aged 50 years.
O’sythe Martha their daughter died August 28th 1868, aged 19 years.
In life beloved, in death lamented.
"The above MICHAEL WATSON died August 2nd 1869,
aged 61 years. (He was Supt of Jesmond Cemetery.)
   Respected by all who knew him.
William their eldest son died December 4th 1871, aged 38 years."
Also Robert Watson, who died Dec 28th 1918, aged 68
Also Michael Watson died November 17 1957, aged 80 years.

During 2006 I went to a College Reunion at Stoke Rochford Hall, Grantham, Lincolnshire. The weather was superb and we continued North to Lincoln to visit Pam Baille at Lincoln Record Office to pick up some Parish Register printouts for my Cummings Research. We then went further North and Camped just outside Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. We made daily trips into the Library and various places like the Parish Churches and Cemetery where Michael was Superintendent. The biggest find was his gravestone with all the family engraved on it! We had to clear the ivy, which was growing on it, and I have been trying to restore the image I took using Photo shop.

The weather was so good we continued up to Hadrians’ Wall and did some walking then drove home via Kendal where we visited Steve & Elaine Wilkinson and Sheffield where we visited Lucy & Paul.
Robert Cummings Watson  (My Great Grandfather) was born on the 14th July 1852 How amazing is this name!!! I sent for his birth certificate 12th August 2006.
1861 RG9 3834 Census shows Robert (8), is living at home with his parents and siblings.  There is only Francis Barbara younger than him by a year. He probably lives here until he grows up, since he is still here in the 1871 census with his elder brother James and his family.

1871 census [RG10/ 5108] for the Old Cemetery Lodge Jesmond,

This has James (29) and his wife Frances E (30), with their two daughters Cecily? (10) and O’sythe Martha (3). With them is living brother Robert (19), who is unmarried and an apprentice plumber.
 Susannah or Hannah as she called herself is about to meet and marry Robert Cummings Watson.
He probably drops in to the pub for a drink on his way home from work.. The Cradle Well Inn must be close because they are both in the same enumeration district for the census. I pulled the map to have a look while up in Newcastle
and saw how close it was.  He must have moved in with his other brother Henry soon after the ’61 census because it is here that he is living when he marries Hannah a year later. They marry on the 30th January 1872. In the Registry
office Newcastle -Upon-Tyne. He is now a fully-fledged Plumber of 23 years and she being 21 is a spinster. She has been living at Newgate Street and says her father is Robert Cameron a joiner. (This fits with the Census) Their witnesses are Francis Barrafs, George Forster and Samuel Carr.
1871 census [RG10/ 5097]. For All Saints, Newcastle. Shows Henry (23) is living at 15, Napier Street with his wife Helen (21) and sister Frances Barbara (17) who is a visitor. Henry is an engraver and Frances is a sewing machinist.

1881 Census [RG11/5070] for 20, Brandling Village, Jesmond Newcastle - Upon -Tyne 

Living at number 20, Brandling Village we have Robert Watson the plumber (28), and his wife Hannah (29), together with their three sons Robert (6), a scholar, Michael (4), and Marmaduke (2), Robert says he was born in Gosforth Northumberland and Hannah in Cockermouth Cumberland. However this does not fit with what I have found out about her family in Tanfield,

1891 Census [RG12/4219] for 53, Brandling South Front, Jesmond, Newcastle - Upon -Tyne 

Robert is still a plumber but the family have moved to 53, Brandling South Front, ten years on and there are more additions: Michael is now 14, Marmaduke 12, Cecily Margaret only 9, Frances 6, and Hannah 1,
1901 [RG13/4781] Census for Clayton Road, Jesmond, Newcastle - Upon -Tyne. 
Refer to Census sheet RG13/4781 page 90.

Another ten years on and Robert is still working aged 50. Cecily has moved out but Frances now 16 has become a dressmaker, Hannah is still only 11 and the latest addition is my Grandmother Osythe Martha who is five years old. Osythe Martha Watson born 1895 Gosforth, Bykker.
Robert died 28th December 1918 aged 68 years.
Osythe Martha (my Grandmother)
Osythe Martha Watson born 1895 Gosforth Bykker. She is the third lady with this name alive in the same family!
By 1901 census she is 5 years old living at 8, Clayton Road, Jesmond, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. She trained and became a nurse, probably doing her training at Newcastle General Hospital. She nursed at Brooke hospital, Black Heath, London, during the 1914 - 1918 War. She also went to Gibraltar during this War as a nurse.  In 2009 we visited Gibraltar (aboard 'Piano') and I spent an afternoon at the Army Archives. I searched all the nursing records but found no trace of my grandmother.  This may mean that she was not nursing at the Army Hospital but a private one. There were no records to search.
In 1928 she married James Newcombe Mortimer at Faversham 29th September when she was 33 years old and he was 47. He had been married previously to "Phyllis". (It was Phyllis who painted the two watercolors now with my mother in Sandwich)
First and only child Pauleen was born 1930 in Liverpool. O’sythe had gone to stay with her sister and her husband while she had the baby. All three sisters Frances, Hannah and ‘Sythe were trained nurses. James and O’sythe lived at 7, Dulverton Road, Aikbuth. Later moved to Ealing, 31, Ransleigh Road South Ealing next door to her friend June Dodge.
Then to 31, Brunner Road, Perrivale, Ealing. O'sythe did private nursing at Sturry (Near Canterbury) and at Folkestone.  James Newcombe had a stroke they moved to 469, Margate Road, Ramsgate.  Then to Kings Avenue Ramsgate where James died.  Her final move was to 2, Morden Cottages, Wilson’s Road, Ramsgate