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If you have got this far then you are interested in MORTIMER Genealogy and you may even find that we are connected genetically. I have already placed some documents into the public folder if you can't access them let me know and I'll add you to the list of networks friends. I apologise to those of you who are colour-blind - I have highlighted my direct line in RED.  If you can spot an ancestor of your own then I'd like to hear from you and this is probably best done as a comment on the blogsite. For a full idea of how busy my life is you may also like to follow the links to the ‘Piano’ blogsite. Let me also apologise for not replying to comments promptly. If we are on the high seas we may not have Internet access so please be patient.
Before you read further I have got as far back as I am able between the start and my 6X Great Grandfather George b 1668 I only have transcribed and searchable evidence from the Hugh Wallis site. I expect in another ten or so years time when more has been uploaded I will have to redo this earliest section.
I begin then with The Earliest MORTIMER who I have yet to find born in the early 1500's
I suspect he had the following children:
Robert b 5th October 1583
Walter b c May 1585
Joan b 17 June 1589
Thomas b 31 October 1590
Gyles b 4th April 1592
Joan b 22 April 1593
Nathanaell b 22 April 1596  This is my 8 X Great Grandfather !
Nathanaell married Wilmot Narles 14th May 1633 and they had the following children Marie (b12Jan 1632), Wilmote ( b 12 May 1633), George (b 1st Jan 1634), John ( b 6th Dec 1635), Nathanaell (b 23 apr 1637)  and lastly Joan (b 8th Mar 1639).
George Married Wilmot 14th May 1667 only had
George Mortimer. He will be my 6 x Great Grandfather!
With the help of Daniel Morgan I have managed to find the baptism of George (14th April 1668 )  with the evidence that his father was also called George! His subsequent marriage to Ann(a) Soper on the 20th October 1698 which fits nicely with the birth of their first child in 1699.
     George and Ann have 5 children.  The first born George (I presume) died in infancy, born 28th September 1699 and died 19th November 1699 both at Dunsford , Devon. Next there is a christening for George (second) 26th December 1700 Dunsford. John the third child is born 18th March 1702/3, and brother
(my 5 Times Great Grandfather) born 3rd January 1705/6
with the youngest  Henry born 14th March 1707/8 –he died 13th June 1711 Dunsford. This Richard is my line.

Richard MORTIMER son of George MORTIMER and Anna.  He marries Anne SYRCOMBE daughter of Richard SYRCOMBE on the 5th May 1731, at Dunsford. Anne SYRCOMBE is one of Daniel MORGAN's forebears so we have linked up and I am his cousin 5th removed! (Having mentioned him twice now I should tell you that Daniel is the on – line Parish Clerk for the Dunsford area and has details posted on Genuki) Richard and Ann have one son and four daughters, but only three are still alive at his death. He dies around 1774 since his will is proved then and he is followed by his wife Ann ( my 5x great grandmother) who leaves a will in 1778

1774. Richard MORTIMER of Dunsford, 20th Nov 1768

He gives his son George the Dunsford Mills and the Marshes adjoining, “being part of court,” charged with 20s per annum to “my three daughters” To Ann wife of said George, £1 1s. To daughters Elizabeth and Ann MORTIMER, £70 each and to daughter Mary, wife of John CONNETT, £20, and one guinea to her husband. Wife Ann to have life interest both in the mill and messuages.  She is residuary legatee and sole executrix Proved 29th July 1774.
     This gives me the names of his children and where they have married their married names. The George who benefits here is my direct line– he gets Dunsford Mill which will be worth looking into further. Interestingly he also has another daughter Susannah who is born in 1745  - too late to benefit from Georges will.
Ann dies later that year. This gives me the children Elizabeth, Ann & Mary, plus George who must have died and his wife Anne.  Next Richards' wife Ann dies a few months later and leave articles to her children and their families. This now tells me who the girls are married to and yes they fit with what I have already researched!
1778. Ann Mortimer of Dunsford, 3rd Feb 1778.
To Eliab (Elizabeth) wife of James CONNETT, £40, and one guinea, instead of a gold ring, six silver teaspoons and all the “chainea” .  To daughter Mary wife of John CONNETT £40 to daughter – in – law Ann MORTIMER £1.1s  To George and Ann CONNETT she gives inter aliis, “my best looking glass and mynew prayer book with all the tea dishes saucers and basons belonging to making of tea, except the spoons”  Her son George being dead, she gives the residue of the lease of Dunsford Mills to her daughter in law Ann MORTIMER, with reversion, for the 99 years, terminable on the death of brother John MORTIMER” to George, John, Elizabeth, and Richard, Children of deceased son George
Proved 3rd July 1778
Note refer to July 29th, 1774, ante.
I still need to find out if this Susannah is a new person wife of John MORTIMER and if John MORTIMER here is Richards brother too : 1766. Admon to the effect of Susannah MORTIMER of Dunsford, granted to John MORTIMER her husband July 15th 1766 1778. Admon    George Mortimer of Dunsford, intestate, granted 2nd Feb 1778, to Ann the widow. Map of Ide available on Genuki.Crediton
Holy Cross Church notes and image are on Genuki
I now have a transcription of the Parish Record for the birth of "George MORTIMER born 14th February 1768 Dunsford "

Also have the 1841 Census for Pynes Farm Ide where he is living with Richard
aged <25> ish. I wonder what the relationship between them is?

   Next- evidence of George MORTIMER of Crediton living at Tedburn Saint Mary
with his wife Elizabeth. They have a large family.  John born 24th April 1794 Have found a transcription of his baptism at Tedburn Saint Mary and a brother George born 14th July 1795 however I suspect that he died young (but no death evidence yet) since the next son they have has also been called George which I believe is my line! Next is a daughter Eliza born 15th November 1796 I think she also died young.  Daughter Mary was born 10th October 1798 then came Elizabeth born 14th August 1800, Mary Ann born 10th August 1802, Harriet born 12th June 1804 and Charlotte born 20th May 1806. The next son is also named George to replace the one, which died, and I believe that he is my direct ancestor; he was born on the 3rd August 1808.  I have an image from the Parish Record but he is too young for the GRO certificate.  The last son Richard is born 18th September 1810.
     By Harriet's wedding they must all have moved to Ide since she is married at the Parish Church ?? I need to check.
DEATH: 1851 Ide Devon, see Will, which put him as 84 years old when he died. This is the last Will and Testament of me George MORTIMER of Ide in the County of Deven [sic] yeoman.  I give and devise to my son John MORTIMER all that messuage farm and lands situate in the parishes of Holcombe Burnell   and
Dunsford in the County of Devon called or commonly known by the name of Storidge to hold the same unto my said son John MORTIMER his heirs and assigns for ever.  I also give to my said son John MORTIMER the sum of three hundred pounds.  I give to my son George MORTIMER the sum of one hundred pounds.  I give to my daughter Eliza the wife of Richard LEE the sum of one hundred pounds.  I give to my daughter Harriet Northcott widow the sumof one hundred pounds.  I give to my daughter Charlotte the wife of Thomas Lee the sum of one hundred pounds.  I give to my grandson Richard Lee now living with me the sum of two hundred pounds to be paid by my executor when he attains the age of twenty-four years but without any interest in the meantime and if he die before attaining that age then the said legacy shall sink into my residuary estate. I give to Francis LEE the father of the said Richard LEE the sum of ten pounds.  And I direct that all the said several legacies except the saidlegacy to Richard LEE shall be paid within twelve months from my decease. I give to each of my grandchildren George Mortimer LEE, Francis LEE. Thomas LEE and Charlotte LEE the children of my daughter Mary Ann LEE the sum of nineteen guineas to be paid to them when and as they shall respectively attain the ageof twenty one years and in case any or either of them shall die under the saidage his or her legacy shall sink into my residuary estate.  All my farm and lands called Ford and Wayhouse in Holcombe Burnell aforesaid and all the rest residue and remainder of my messuages lands hereditaments and real and personal estate of what nature and kind I give devise and bequeath unto my sonRichard MORTIMER his heirs executors administrators and assigns for his and their own benefit subject to the payment of my debts and funeral and testamentary expences.  I also give and devise to him all messuages and hereditaments and estates in mortgage to me or vested in me as trustee for any person whomsoever to hold the same to my said son Richard MORTIMER and his heirs upon the trusts and for the purposes to which the same are respectively liable.  And I hereby declare that the provision hereby made for my said children and that issue and what I have already during my life supplied to them shall be deemed and taken in full and in lieu of all and every claim and interest to which they might be respectively entitled under the Bond or Settlement made on my marriage with their mother my late wife. And lastly I appoint my said son the said Richard Mortimer sole executor of this my Will hereby revoking all former Wills by me at any time made.  In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the fourth day of August in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty.
Signed sealed published and declared by the said George MORTIMER as and for his last Will and Testament in the presence of us present together at the same time who in the presence of the said testator and of each other have hereto subscribed our names as witnesses.  William Simpson, T? (J?) E Drake?
Proved at London 6th November 1851 before the Judge by the oath of Richard MORTIMER the son the sole executor to whom admon was granted having been first sworn by Comon duly to administer
Transcribed for me from a downloaded copy by Dave Woolven, HOLCOMBE BURNELL notes and image can be found on Genuki.

My Great Great Grandfather George MORTIMER was born in Tedburn St Mary's parish, Devon in 1808
to George of Crediton and Mary his wife. His marriage, to Elizabeth NEWCOMBE on 1st May 1839, was at the Parish Church of Samford Courtney.  Her father Simon NEWCOMBE was present together with
Georges' Father George both of whom were Yeomen.  Elizabeth must have been about twenty years old.
I next pick them up in the 1841 Census for Dunsford district 1.

They are living at Meadhay and with them Elizabeth's mother Mary NEWCOMBE (50) and various other farm workers.  Their first son (my Great Grandfather)
George Newcombe MORTIMER has just been born  (aged 1 here) Mary Legge Mortimer is born later this year, she is probably named after Georges mother.  Next is Richard born 1844, then Ann Elizabeth born 1846, John 1848, and Emma born  October 1849.

The 1851 Census has George the Yeoman living at Uton Barton with his wife and family, which so far consists of George Newcombe (1840) Mary Legge (1841), Richard, 7  (1844), Elizabeth Ann,5  (1846), John 3,  (1848), and Emma 6 months (Oct 1849). Mary NEWCOMBE is living with them so her husband must be dead…? Needs to be checked. and two servants Maria TUCKER (23), born Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon) and Charlotte WESTCOTTE (17 born Dunsford Devon.) They also had Four agricultural servants, William WORRISH (25 Colebrook Devon), George PARKER (22 Exeter Devon), James MARTIN (18 Crediton, Devon) and Francis SEARLE .
Elizabeth NEWCOMBE Birth Pr Marriage of my Great Great Grandfather George to Elizabeth NEWCOMBE May 1st 1839 

1861 RG9/1473 page 18 (above) tells me that my Great Grandfather George Newcombe MORTIMER is now a farmer of 250 acres employing 6, labourers and 3 boys. Living at Uton Barton, Crediton, Devon, England. He has also increased his family. William Henry is now 8 (), Emma 6,(), Robert Legge 5,(), Louisa 3,().  Mary Newcombe is quite happy still living with them. However they also have Nephews George Richard, 11 (), Samuel Archer,9(), and niece Elizabeth Archer 7,(). They have 5 servants too. They have three farm servants Walter ANSTY  (20) born 1841 Crediton, James BULLEY (20) born 1841     Crediton and John FIELDING (13) born, Crediton 1848 , Other servants are Ann SETTER (17) House maid born
Crediton 1844 and Mary WELLACOTTE (28) the cook, born Kings Nympton 1833.
 In my archives I have the following evidence to support my work.
GRO Cert 1851 Death of George MORTIMER St Thomas Devon 84 years old.
1853 GRO Birth  Samuel Archer MORTIMER, Crediton, Devon.
1855 GRO birth Elizabeth Archer MORTIMER Crediton, Devon.
1861 Census for George & Elizabeth MORTIMER
1864 GRO Marriage for Thomas Mortimer & Mary Legge Mortimer.

Here is some background on Mary Legge MORTIMER
    Mary Legge MORTIMER was baptised October 13th 1841, Dunsford Devon, England. Her GRO birth Certificate confirms all. GRO has birth Registered 1841 Sept 10, 1942 St Thomas. I also have the Parish Register film Certificate 856 in brackets at the side Meadhay - which fits perfectly!
1861 census Mary is living at home with her family and says she is 18 years old, she is not out working although may be helping out on the farm... This is reconciled with the date of the census.  She married in 1864 to Thomas Mortimer ( he shares the same Grandmother  so a cousin definitely) They married at the Parish Church Crediton Devon. He was a bachelor, of full age and a yeoman from Kenn. His father was John Mortimer who was also a yeoman.  Mary Legge was a spinster of full age living at Uton Barton, her father was present , George, also a yeoman.  The witnesses were George Mortimer, George Newcombe Mortimer and Annie Mortimer (probably Ann Elizabeth  her sister.)
1871 census has her as wife to Thomas MORTIMER (35). They are atBrown's Farm, Kenn. Thomas is a farmer of 328 acres employing 6 men and 2 boys. He was born at Dunsford. Living with them are son George (6) and daughters Mary E (4), Edith (3), and Alice (1). Mary Newcombe is visiting them and is down as grandmother presumably to Thomas! But she is also Mary's grandmother!
     Quite recently I have found descendants of Mary and Thomas namely Beryl Whidden (nee MORTIMER). I hope soon to be able to fill in this branch of the tree with help from that side of the family. After meeting Beryl (January 2009 I now have a picture of Mary and Thomas on their 60th Wedding Anniversary at Brown’s Farm – with all their children and grandchildren!
1871 Census for George & Elizabeth Mortimer

 The 1871 Census  for Uton Barton Devon has George (says he was born at Crediton) and Elizabeth living with them are their sons George Newcombe (30), and Richard (26),  John (23), William Henry (18) farmers son, Robert Legge (10), George R (Richard?) nephew (20)? Charlotte NORTON a dairy maid aged 18
?Ellen PAPMORE ? A domestic servant aged 18 and James??? 12 a farm servant. All difficult to read from the original.

On 15th August 1879 my Grandfather James Newcombe MORTIMER was born and Registered at St Thomas Alphington, Dunsford, Devon.
1881 Census Rg11 2146/7 page 8
For George Newcombe MORTIMER & Family. Meadhay, Dunsford, Devon.

By 1881 My Great Grandfather George Newcombe MORTIMER has taken over the farm from his father he is Head of household Farm (Meadhay) of 150 Acres employing 3 labourers and 1 boy. The census lists George and his wife Jane living at Meadhay, Dunsford, with their children Florence( 5), George Pearce (4),
Mabel Jane (3), James Newcombe (1) and Elizabeth Legge (10 weeks).
     They employ three labourers and 1 boy. Indoors, Kathleen BABBAGE is a boarder 20, years old and is the governess, she was born in Cornwall. Sarah J. SERCOMBE is their General domestic servant.  She is 17 years old and was born in Dunsford. Finally there is William EWENS 11, years old born in Dunsford who is a farm servant.
Source Information:
Dwelling Meadhay Census Place       Dunsford, Devon, England Family History Lib 134517
PRO Ref RG11 Piece/Folio          2146/7 Page 8
1891 Census for Alphington, Matford Barton

Here we have my Great Grandfather George Newcombe MORTIMER (49), head of the
house , a farmer and with him Jane (39), his wife, their sons George Pierce (14), James (11),  and daughters, Florence (15),      Mabel Jane (13), Elizabeth (9), Constance Rose (3). With such a  large family and a farm to run it’s no wonder they needed servants. Jane had two, Jessie FANT who was a domestic Cook and Ann DAVEY adomestic housemaid.
At this point  it is worth looking at the actual Census.  The two Mills on either side of the farm. Matford Mill above has the BABBAGE family, which is so coincidental with Kathleen BABBAGE who was a servant in the 1881 Census…..
1891 Census for Brown Farm Kenn.

    Thomas is now 56, and running the farm. With him are his wife  Mary Legge now 47, their sons  George (26), Fred (18), and James (8), and their daughters Edith (22), Alice (20), Bertha (11), . They have a farmer visiting them on the night of the census a John DURRANT (27), and a farm servant Charles NEIL (18).
1901 census for Church Road.

Now at 60 George Newcombe is a retired farmer and not living on the farm. His wife Jane is still only 45, with them are their daughters Mabel (20), who is a shop assistant, Elizabeth Legge (16), an apprentice B/ bookkeeper? And Constance Rose (12) at home.  My mother remembers‘Aunt Connie’ Their son James R which I think should read N for Newcombe !(19) is an engineer. This fits with what my mother told me about her father. All the children were born in Dunsford or Alphington; this is an administrative area for GRO Devon.
GRO Marriage for James Newcombe MORTIMER and O'sythe Martha WATSON.
James Newcombe Mortimer married O'sythe Martha WATSON on 29th September when she was 33 years old and he was 47. He had been married previously to Lilly Sidlaw who had a daughter by her previous marriage.The daughter was called Phyllis and that is all I know of her apart from two watercolours, which she painted and are my only heirlooms.She was still alive in the 1910 census and using her Sidlaw name - I await ideas as to what this can of worms will reveal.
    James and O’sythe were married in 1928 at Faversham Parish Church. At first they were living at 79, Ealing Road, Ealing at the time of Marriage. Their first and only child Pauleen was born 1930 in Liverpool because O'sythe's sister Fanny was a midwife.  They all lived at 7, Dulverton Road, Aikbuth later moving to Ealing, 31 Ransleigh Road South Ealing next door to Pauleens’friend June DODGE.  Then to 31, Brunner Road Perrivale Ealing.  James Newcombe had a stroke they moved to 469, Margate Road Ramsgate.
Then to Kings Avenue Ramsgate where James died.  Final move for my Nan was to 2, Morden Cottages Wilson's Road Ramsgate.
For more on my WATSON branch see the WATSON blog entry.
Pauleen married my father Malcolm John (‘Jim’) CUMMINGS – and so this line of MORTIMER has ended.


  1. A thorough and masterful account of your Mortimer line. For those who haven't attempted such a task I can only assure you it is a huge, painstaking journey into the past and just as rewarding as Sailor Sue's present journey into the future aboard the good ship 'Piano'.

  2. Today, at the start of 2017 I again read Sue's history of her Mortimer line and cast my mind way back to those earliest years...imagine the thoughts of those men and women thinking ahead perhaps to one or two generations later, but not by any stretch of the imagination reaching and influencing the Mortimers and the Cummings in the year 2017. In every family there is always one aspiring and ambitious historian but I doubt any would be as determined and fastidious in detail as Sue Cummings.