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The WATSON Family History research to date

Michael WATSON of Ushaw Moor (1694-1773) (My 5x Great Grandfather) Married Elizabeth of Ushaw Moor and has three children:- William (26 December 1762) John (3rd June 1765 and Michael Watson of Hamstels (24 April 1736)
-  he was a labourer -My 4x Great Grandfather.  He married Elizabeth Logan  on the 19,  JAN 1762
Children:- Michael  (24 April 1768 died 6th June 1773) Sarah (17 July 1774 – 26 March 1781 died Hamsteels)  George
( 25 August 1776 – 3rd August 1777 died Hamsteels) Elizabeth  (15 July 1778)
Michael  (17 July 1774) – (My 3x Great Grandfather) I am unable to verify his death yet as it is not available on line
MARRIAGE: " Michael Watson & Mary Wilkinson both of this parish were married in this church by banns this 20th day of August 1796 by me John Ashbridge, Curate. In the presence of us Jane Archer, Thomas Pallister (signed by both)
Auckland St Andrews
    "This parish, which comprises the townships of St. Andrew's Auckland, Bishop Auckland, Pollards's Land, Coundon Grange, part of Binchester, and part of Newton Cap, is bounded on the north by Byer's Green, on the north-west by
Hunwick, on the west by Escomb, on the south-west by St. Helen's Auckland, on the south by Heighington, on the south-east and east by Shildon, and on the north-east by Coundon and Whitworth. The township of Middlestone, not
incorporated in any of the newly formed chapelry districts, but which formerly constituted the north-east extremity of the parish of St. Andrew's Auckland, was in April 1845 annexed to the parish of Merrington. This district abounds in coal and lime; the soil is generally well suited to the production of corn, turnips, &c.; and the scenery is finely diversified by hill and dale, woodand water.
    "St. Andrew's Auckland Township, in the parish of the same name, comprises 1186 acres, and its annual value is £12,74  "The village of Auckland St. Andrew, or South Church, as it is now usually called, is situated on the river Gaunless, which is at this place crossed by a stone bridge of one arch, and is one mile south from Bishop Auckland, and eleven south-south-west from Durham. It contains a brewery, and manure factory, formerly occupied as a foundry, but situated in the township of Bishop Auckland. The Gaunless sometimes overflows its banks at this village and causes
considerable damage."
Michael and Mary had the following children:-
Elisabeth 25 January 1797
John 28 September 1798
Jane and Michael (twins) 21 September 1808 Jane died three months later 1st December 1808.
On the 17th June 1832 Michael married Cicely Margaret Kipling probably at St Cuthbert’s Church, Forcett , Yorkshire.
The Ancient Parish of FORCETT
 "FORCETT, a parish in the wapentake of Gilling West. and liberty of Richmondshire; 8 miles N. of Richmond. The church is dedicated to St. Cuthbert (see Churches for photograph); the living is a perpetual curacy in the patronage of  the vicar of Gilling. Here are the remains of a Roman entrenchment, extending East and West
of the village to Gatarby moor. Pop. 86." "BARFORTH, in the parish of Forcett, wapentake of
Gilling West, and liberty of Richmondshire; 2¾ miles NNW. of Forcett, 12 miles N. of Richmond, a small township situated on the banks of the Tees. This township, which is the property of the Earl of Harewood, comprises Old
Richmond, but nothing now remains except the ruins of an old chapel, and a few irregularities in the neighbouring fields, which, together with the stones and other relics that are occasionally dug up, prove it to have been a place of
considerable extent. Pop. 141.
 [Description(s) edited from Langdale's Yorkshire Dictionary (1822) and Baines's Directory of the County of York (1823) and other sources.]
Michael WATSON (My 2x Great Grandfather)
First son William born <1834> no trace found yet, and Joseph (<1838>) except for census in 1841. Mary (1835),
Thomas Wilkinson (1839), James (1841), Cecily Margaret (1843), Michael (1844), Anne Elizabeth (1845), Marmaduke (1846), Henry (1847), Jane Hannah (1849), Osythe Martha (1850), Procter George (1851) lastly:
Robert Cummings WATSON (1852).

Occupation: Pigots Directory has him as Master of Gosforth School in 1834.According to a Ward's Durham & Northumberland Directory of 1850, Michael WATSON was secretary of the Schoolmasters Association in Newcastle. He may be the same Michael WATSON who was master of Gosforth Parish School, according to the same Directory. Also listed at the same school was a Miss Eliza LOWES WATSON - perhaps she may have been a sister to Michael?? It will be worth viewing the prs 1841:Michael was an enumerator for the Census. I have the printout showing his certification on the 9th day of June 1841,it has been co signed by the registrar and the Superintendent Registrar. (Michael has the best handwriting.) Page 1 for the South Gosforth schedule has him top of the list together with Cecily Margaret his wife of 8 years ,their son William (7) daughter Mary (6) John (5), Joseph (3) and Thomas Wilkinson (2).  They are living at Gosforth School House, and Michael is a schoolmaster. During my research I had help from Michael Hoy:-
  “Hi my names Michael Hoy from Gosforth and at present researching Gosforths’ history, and came across the 1842 Childrens’ Employment Commission, and in it dated may 10th 1842 is a report from Michael Watson Schoolmaster at Gosforth. The schools in the area at this time were far and few between, so this is more than likely to be the man you are looking for?” (Thank-You so much Michael!)
The same Richard Welford was the Chairman of South Gosforth Local Board which was formed on 20th September 1872, the book sites Michael Watsons’ son as clerk to this same Board!
1851: Census of Gosforth has him living at school House South Gosforth, with Cecily his wife, William their son (17), Mary (16) John Kipling (15), Joseph (13) Thomas Wilkinson (11), James (9) Anne Elizabeth Marmaduke (4) Henry (3) Jane Hannah (2) Osythe Martha (1) and Procter George (3 months).

He has also signed as an enumerator for the 1851 census on the 4th of April.

1861:RG9: RG9/3834: Michael Watson, Head Superintendent of Cemetery Cecily Margaret (49), wife born Yorkshire Hutton.Joseph (23), son, Ann E (15), Marmaduke (14), Apprentice joiner, Henry (13), Apprentice Engineer, Jane H (12), scholar, O'sythe Martha (11), Scholar, Robert C (8), scholar, Frances B, (7), scholar.

DEATH: Cutting from the Newcastle Daily Journal, Tuesday 3rd August,
"Aged 61, Mr. Michael Watson Superintendent. Interment on Thursday at 3 o'clock. Friends please accept this invitation."
The Memorial Inscription reads
The Burial Place of Michael and Cecily Margaret Watson.
Cecily Margaret their daughter died June 27th 1858, aged 15 years.
Proctor George, their son died September 13th 1851, aged 9 months.
The first named Cecily Margaret Watson died June 15th 1862, aged 50 years.
O’sythe Martha their daughter died August 28th 1868, aged 19 years.
In life beloved, in death lamented.
"The above MICHAEL WATSON died August 2nd 1869,
aged 61 years. (He was Supt of Jesmond Cemetery.)
   Respected by all who knew him.
William their eldest son died December 4th 1871, aged 38 years."
Also Robert Watson, who died Dec 28th 1918, aged 68
Also Michael Watson died November 17 1957, aged 80 years.

During 2006 I went to a College Reunion at Stoke Rochford Hall, Grantham, Lincolnshire. The weather was superb and we continued North to Lincoln to visit Pam Baille at Lincoln Record Office to pick up some Parish Register printouts for my Cummings Research. We then went further North and Camped just outside Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. We made daily trips into the Library and various places like the Parish Churches and Cemetery where Michael was Superintendent. The biggest find was his gravestone with all the family engraved on it! We had to clear the ivy, which was growing on it, and I have been trying to restore the image I took using Photo shop.

The weather was so good we continued up to Hadrians’ Wall and did some walking then drove home via Kendal where we visited Steve & Elaine Wilkinson and Sheffield where we visited Lucy & Paul.
Robert Cummings Watson  (My Great Grandfather) was born on the 14th July 1852 How amazing is this name!!! I sent for his birth certificate 12th August 2006.
1861 RG9 3834 Census shows Robert (8), is living at home with his parents and siblings.  There is only Francis Barbara younger than him by a year. He probably lives here until he grows up, since he is still here in the 1871 census with his elder brother James and his family.

1871 census [RG10/ 5108] for the Old Cemetery Lodge Jesmond,

This has James (29) and his wife Frances E (30), with their two daughters Cecily? (10) and O’sythe Martha (3). With them is living brother Robert (19), who is unmarried and an apprentice plumber.
 Susannah or Hannah as she called herself is about to meet and marry Robert Cummings Watson.
He probably drops in to the pub for a drink on his way home from work.. The Cradle Well Inn must be close because they are both in the same enumeration district for the census. I pulled the map to have a look while up in Newcastle
and saw how close it was.  He must have moved in with his other brother Henry soon after the ’61 census because it is here that he is living when he marries Hannah a year later. They marry on the 30th January 1872. In the Registry
office Newcastle -Upon-Tyne. He is now a fully-fledged Plumber of 23 years and she being 21 is a spinster. She has been living at Newgate Street and says her father is Robert Cameron a joiner. (This fits with the Census) Their witnesses are Francis Barrafs, George Forster and Samuel Carr.
1871 census [RG10/ 5097]. For All Saints, Newcastle. Shows Henry (23) is living at 15, Napier Street with his wife Helen (21) and sister Frances Barbara (17) who is a visitor. Henry is an engraver and Frances is a sewing machinist.

1881 Census [RG11/5070] for 20, Brandling Village, Jesmond Newcastle - Upon -Tyne 

Living at number 20, Brandling Village we have Robert Watson the plumber (28), and his wife Hannah (29), together with their three sons Robert (6), a scholar, Michael (4), and Marmaduke (2), Robert says he was born in Gosforth Northumberland and Hannah in Cockermouth Cumberland. However this does not fit with what I have found out about her family in Tanfield,

1891 Census [RG12/4219] for 53, Brandling South Front, Jesmond, Newcastle - Upon -Tyne 

Robert is still a plumber but the family have moved to 53, Brandling South Front, ten years on and there are more additions: Michael is now 14, Marmaduke 12, Cecily Margaret only 9, Frances 6, and Hannah 1,
1901 [RG13/4781] Census for Clayton Road, Jesmond, Newcastle - Upon -Tyne. 
Refer to Census sheet RG13/4781 page 90.

Another ten years on and Robert is still working aged 50. Cecily has moved out but Frances now 16 has become a dressmaker, Hannah is still only 11 and the latest addition is my Grandmother Osythe Martha who is five years old. Osythe Martha Watson born 1895 Gosforth, Bykker.
Robert died 28th December 1918 aged 68 years.
Osythe Martha (my Grandmother)
Osythe Martha Watson born 1895 Gosforth Bykker. She is the third lady with this name alive in the same family!
By 1901 census she is 5 years old living at 8, Clayton Road, Jesmond, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. She trained and became a nurse, probably doing her training at Newcastle General Hospital. She nursed at Brooke hospital, Black Heath, London, during the 1914 - 1918 War. She also went to Gibraltar during this War as a nurse.  In 2009 we visited Gibraltar (aboard 'Piano') and I spent an afternoon at the Army Archives. I searched all the nursing records but found no trace of my grandmother.  This may mean that she was not nursing at the Army Hospital but a private one. There were no records to search.
In 1928 she married James Newcombe Mortimer at Faversham 29th September when she was 33 years old and he was 47. He had been married previously to "Phyllis". (It was Phyllis who painted the two watercolors now with my mother in Sandwich)
First and only child Pauleen was born 1930 in Liverpool. O’sythe had gone to stay with her sister and her husband while she had the baby. All three sisters Frances, Hannah and ‘Sythe were trained nurses. James and O’sythe lived at 7, Dulverton Road, Aikbuth. Later moved to Ealing, 31, Ransleigh Road South Ealing next door to her friend June Dodge.
Then to 31, Brunner Road, Perrivale, Ealing. O'sythe did private nursing at Sturry (Near Canterbury) and at Folkestone.  James Newcombe had a stroke they moved to 469, Margate Road, Ramsgate.  Then to Kings Avenue Ramsgate where James died.  Her final move was to 2, Morden Cottages, Wilson’s Road, Ramsgate

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